Welcome to Bella Loretta

Doing Nails is not just a job to me, its my whole life. There is not a moment that passes where I am not thinking about the next design and creating something special.

So many times I have been called ‘Queen of Glitter’ this might be due to my huge love for the wonderful creation of the stuff!!!! I have it everywhere I can. My nails are becoming very well know for this and my salon? well the pictures speak for itself. I think, breathe and LIVE glitter.

When doing a clients nails, I create them with such passion and love. Every inch of my creativity goes into them to create a unique set of nails for you.

I love to welcome new clients into my world, meeting new people and finding they have a love for Bella Loretta Nails is such a job satisfying thing for me.

Please explore my world of Bella Loretta stick on Nails for those of you that have the Bella Loretta bug but live to far away from my salon. I have something special for you all….

* Enter as strangers Leave as Friends *

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